De'Vonte' Parson


Mentorship & Restorative Engagement

"I do this because I want young people to reach their full potential in life without having to make the same mistakes I did to reach mine."

De’Vonte’ Parson is the Executive Director of Pro Se Potential. De’Vonte’ has proven his passion for creating change within the community by developing an engaging and grassroot organization. As a boy De’Vonte’ experienced financial instability, gang-involvement and incarceration heavily impacted on his family for most of his childhood leading to his actions in adulthood. In 2015, while in jail fighting a life sentence, his perspective changed. By 2020 he was released from prison where he worked with young men coming through the system on creating five-year visions and building advocacy skills upon release. By 2021 continuing the work, partnering with Northwest Credible Messenger, and doing collaborative work with community organizations led to formalizing a nonprofit organization. Since then, he has been providing direct services to youth in the community.

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Kechi Amaefule



"I chose this line of work because it is something i wish I had as an adolescent. Providing a safe space for youth and helping them realize their greatness is the key to making a much needed shift in our world."

Kechi Amaefule is radiant and relatable speaker, author and certified life coach who inspires others to continue striving for greatness despite life’s obstacles. Born in Seattle, WA and raised by her Nigerian mother, she was exposed to the idea that anything you want in this life is achievable with dedication, strategy, and resilience. This ideation kick started her mission to assist others in shifting their mindset to progress positively and remains at the center of all that she does. In 2013, Kechi found herself pregnant in college, without stable support, and severely depressed. She went from being an honor roll student with a promising future, to living off government assistance and feeling hopeless with limited options and opportunities. With the birth of her first child in 2014 also came a burning desire to defeat her obstacles, tap into greatness within and overcome the version of herself that believed her struggles defined her future. Today, Kechi lives in her purpose and exemplifies what can be accomplished when you make the decision to change your mind and take ownership of your life. Through speaking engagements, events, and workshop curation/ facilitation, she assists others in breaking down barriers and beginning their journey of self-improvement and personal development. Her message to all she encounters is to understand that although you may run into detours, you can still make it to your destination