Pro Se Potential is a prevention based, restorative program empowering youth of color to become proactive leaders in society by utilizing Healing Centered Engagement, Workforce Development, and Mentorship.


Youth ages 11 to 24 living in South King County, BIPOC communities.


Become more, do more

In partnership

In partnership with North-West Credible Messenger and GBHU, Pro Se Potential has started a Supportive Re-entry program to assist young adults in transition with finding stability and purpose. By supporting and guiding young individuals who were written off by society for one reason or the other, we hope to inspire change and rebuild broken foundations.

*Refer A Youth


  • 1) Does Pro Se Potential only service African American youth?

    No, pro se potential services youth of any background who come from BIPOC communities and/ or have been system impacted.

  • 2) Do you have to join a program to get a mentor?

    Pro Se Potential is a mentoring program in itself. You do not have to participate in any one of our cohorts in order to be assigned a mentor or receive services from a resource navigator. However, you must be open minded and willing to work on your goal plan once assigned.

  • 3) Can out-of-state youth get involved in pro se potential programming?

    Unfortunately, for now, Pro Se is strictly a Washington state, King County serving organization.